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Tandem flight with a Paraglider

The Dream of Flying is as old as humanity. Flying represents Freedom, Vastness and Adventure.


Due to our passion to experience the third dimension, the paragliding school Olympic Wings Mt. Olympus was founded in 1995. We have already trained many people to become enthusiastic pilots and over the years we expertly looked after and accompanied countless paraglider pilots during their flying holidays with us.

Unforgettable remain the experiences with pilots who pursued their hobby despite their physical limitations with strong will, partly special technical support and contagious life friends. They have convinced us that paragliding – and especially tandem flying – is also possible for disabled people.


The paraglider is one of the simplest, modern flying machines and the flying techniques can be learnt pretty fast from almost anyone. A unique flight experience is the tandem paraglider, here you can fly without any prior knowledge together with an experienced pilot or flight instructor.



An impressive tandem flight starts at the launch site Profitis Ilias. This vantage point is located above the old mountain village of Paleos Panteleimonas, in the middle of the chestnut groves of the Kato (Lower) Olymps, at about 600 m above the Aegean Sea. The view of the castle of Platamonas, the Mount Olympus and the beaches of the Olympic Riviera are impressive.




Now the preparations for our tandem flight begin: The paraglider is laid out and laid down in the wind direction, pilot and passenger carry their harness and a helmet, the lines are sorted and both are attached to the straps of the canopy – the passenger in front of the pilot.


Towards the wind, the pilot pulls the wing up gently, after a few quick steps of pilot and passenger, the aircraft is in the air. The passenger can sit relaxed in the harness and watch the earth from above, the pilot steers the glider safely towards the sea to the landing field.


The angled view of the long beach and the polygonal castle are unique. After a few curves and circles, the landing approach to the sandy beach begins.


Shortly before touch down the pilot brakes the tandem paraglider and a few steps are enough to be back on the ground.



Fly with us – Fly together with us!


Pirate boat trip along the Olympic Riviera coast

At the port of Platamonas, the rustic pirate boat awaits you for a trip along the Olympic Riviera


After you are safely on board and enjoy your welcome drink, the ship is already moving comfortably out of the harbor. In a short while you reach the castle of Platamonas, directly above it you can see the ancient mountain villages lying on the flanks of the Mount Olympus. Continuing along the coast, you can enjoy a leisurely ride on the calm waters of the Aegean, past various towns to Gritsa, the port of the historic city of Dion, located inland.


After a shore trip with lunch and relaxation on the beach, we head back south. The return trip still holds a surprise, because it is at Platamonas – your starting point – over and even further …

past the next villages to the natural wetland of the Pinios River. This flows in wide meanders through the Tembi valley in the direction of the sea and forms thereby a paradise and habitat for the most diverse animals and plants.

A wide loop brings our pirate boat back to the port of Platamonas.


On the return trip we have breaks set on the sea, where you can jump or climb and swim from the boat – a swim stop!


En route, small snacks such as fruit salads and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are offered.