Outdoor Activities


Paragliding Tandem Flying

The age-old dream of humans becomes real and that, by a flight with the tandem paraglider. To simply take off with the paraglider at the hill side just like a bird and float into the third dimension is what we offer here and with the constant support by professionals.

Our officially recognized paragliding school provides the most modern flight equipment and presents you with a safe experience for all age groups.

We are stationed at the foothills of Mt. Olympus from which we benefit with extreme take offs and beach landings at almost any weather condition.

Mountain Biking

The mountain bike route Kato Olympus is a unique bicycle route by the forests of Olympus down to the wonderful sandy beach. The distance is suitable also for inexperienced bikers, there it a pleasant downhill leading to forest pathways.

The starting point on the high plateau of Kallipefki offers a beautiful prospect on the main peak of Olympus, during the route it is again viewable along with the Aegean Sea. After having lunch in the old mountain village Paleos Panteleimonas we drive directly down to the sea, where a refreshing bath awaits us to become the best conclusion of our mountain bike tour.

Hiking and Trekking


Crossing Olympus

The Trekking Tour Crossing Olympus is a unique experience for all and especially nature lovers. It’s always impressive the ease attained while effortless reaching the highest summits of Mount Olympus in just 1 ½ hours. The best part is the actual crossing of Olympus from west to east. The fascinating images and scenery that fall as a background while wandering through different climate zones and an amazing descent facing the Aegean Sea, all will for sure create an interesting everlasting memory.


The Enipeas Gorge

The Enipeas Gorge route is a fantastic and classical route, that is said by trekkers and mountain climbers from all over the world, and it is just the route for those that want to get acquainted with the Olympic Mountains. We start on the path E4 at the refuge hut Prionia and move downwards. We go past impressive scenery and ice cold waterfalls that can refresh the most daring of you. As we continue we reach the Agios Dionysios monastery.

After a short break we cross a river that springs from the mountain’s peaks and leads to the sea.

Our trip ends at the village of Litohoro where we can enjoy a cup of coffee or a drink or even have a nice Greek meal.


The old mountain villages

The old mountain villages of the Olympus are stationed at a round route, which interconnects the old, left mountain-side villages Paleos Panteleimonas and Paleoi Poroi. It leads past by wonderful Chestnut trees and unique points that provide with an excellent landscape view of the Mountain of Olympus, the Ossa Mountains and the Aegean blue sea. The route we take does not have to go through big altitude changes therefore it is also suitable for families. There is also a lunch break at the village of Paleoi Poroi at an old antique tavern.

Jeep Safari Olympus

The off road safari Kato Olympos is an unforgettable nature experience for young and old and not just for having fun driving, but also the led jeep route offers impressing points of prospect by remote altitude changes in the area of the Kato Olympus.

Special characteristic of the route present a unique variety of environment, since the route leads through different climate zones and constantly the fascinating contrast of sea and mountains views.

Besides the stops for photo-taking, a lunch break in Kallipefki and a coffee break in the ancient mountain village Paleos Panteleimonas are placed within the programs schedule.

Jeep Safari plus Trekking Olympus

The route summit of Olympus offers a simple alternative activity for all age groups, the highest summits of the Gods mountain are within just 1 ½ hours of walking distance.

Starting from the sea by the constantly changing landscape to the west side of Olympus is the best entrance into the forthcoming experiences. At the level of Elassona as we continue our trip with the jeeps due to the change of altitude we have a breathtaking view to the mountains and the Aegean Sea. At the critical point of Megali Gourna (2500 m) we beginn the ascent by foot. After approx. 1 ½ hours we are lead to the second highest summit of the Olympic mountains, Skolio (2911 m) and the continuation of the route up to the summit scale (2882 m) where the indescribable view of the highest summit Mytikas (2917 m) and the Gods throne Stefani (2909 m) become ever clearer. Here cloudless weather permits an unforgettable panorama on the Aegean Sea and the surrounding ravines and summits.

Archery Experience

Archery is an experience in nature that will be kept as an exciting memory. All participants will learn firstly some fundamental techniques of archery. Then we will target-practise and put in to action all that we have hopefully learnt. Likewise we subsequently target-practice with a longer distance and we as we gain more experience we become better and definitely enjoy ourselves.

At the end of the day we organize a small fun competition, in order to be able to determine the one that paid attention at the days hints.

Scuba Diving Discovery

This program takes us through an introductory level to discovering scuba diving as a sport and the Pieria region’s Aegean Sea.

The sea in the Pieria region offers great diversities and amazing sea life. You will be diving with a scuba-diving professional instructor and local expert. You will be provided with the necessary equipment and guided throughout the dive.

There is also a possibility of attending a one week course of scuba- diving which will qualify you as an official diver. If you would be interested in taking those courses we can arrange it upon request.

River Canoe or River Kayak

For those that want to renovate themselves through clear river water and want to experience competitive or relaxing canoe and kayak this program would be naturally idyllic. The canoe or kayak route takes place in the Pinios River and river delta from the Tembi valley to the joint of the river with the Aegean Sea.

It is of medium level with little river falls and good current flow. The canoe-boats, paddles and lifejackets provided are professional, easy to use and highly secure. At all times during the trip you will be escorted by experienced and responsible OW guides and staff.

During the trip down the river you will get the opportunity to feast your eyes with beautiful natural surroundings and great backdrop of greens, high pine and chestnut trees and a glance at the wonderful church of Agia Paraskevi that holds great importance to locals and travellers, providing its holy water.

Multi-activity Holidays

Olympic Wings can offer you a multi-activity holiday, that includes a day of biking, a day of trekking and can include days with several other day activities.

Such day activities can be found on top.

The visitors have the option of purchasing other nature activities during their holidays such as canoeing, trekking, canyoning, mountain bike, cycling, paragliding , snorkeling, diving, horse riding and Jeep Safary, also some excursions to the Monasteries of Meteora, to Mount Athos in Halkidiki, to the archeological site of Dion and even a tour of Athens.

Below we have an example of one of our multi-activity holidays.

Multi Activity Pieria – Mount Olympus
Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: The old mountain villages/ trekking
Day 3: The high plateau of Kallipefki/ mountain bike
Day 4: Free day – you may either go to the beach or have a tandem flight at our paragliding center or you could take a walk to the Castle of Platamonas
Day 5: The historical village of Ambelakia/ trekking
Day 6: The river delta/ canoeing
Day 7: The Enipeas Gorge/ trekking
Day 8: Departure