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Impressions — Monastery of Sikaminea — Mount Olympus

Impressions — Meteora Monsteries

Impressions — Castle of Platamonas — Mount Olympus

Impressions — Chapel near Kalipefki — Olympus

mountain chapel at the southern edge of the high plateau of Kalipefki, a village located at the hight of 1.050 m in the lower area of Mount Olympus — Kato Olympus
+++shot on 12th December 2009+++


Impressions — Holy Cave St. Dionysius — Olympus

Pilgrim chapel in the Holy Cave of Agios Dionysios in Enipeas Gorge near the Old Monastery of Agios Dionysios


Impressions — Stone Bridge in Zagoria — Pindos

one of the famous arched stone bridges of Zagoria — Pindos Mountain