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Impressionen – Kalipefki Olymp – Gleitschirmfliegen mit Ozone Mantra R10.2

Gleitschirmfliegen am Olymp, Hochplateau von Kalipefki – John Ellison besucht Olympic Wings im Anschluss an den Paragliding World Cup in Drama

+++aufgenommen am 27.06.2010+++


Impressionen – Gleitschirmfliegen an der kleinen Kirche – Olymp

Paragliding World Cup (PWC) Drama 2010

One of the Paragliding World Cup events was held in Drama in Greece from 19.06. to 26.06.2010. Drama is located in northern Greece at the foot of the mountain Falakro, which is a well-known ski centre in the winter.


Drama is the most famous of the flying sites included in the Flying Safari Northern Greece, which Olympic Wings organizes for groups of pilots, flying clubs and schools. During this safari the pilots fly in different interesting areas of Northern Greece: Edessa, Mount Olympus, Nymphaion are on the schedule of the two weeks program.


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