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Impressions – Kalipefki Mount Olympus – Paragliding with Ozone Mantra R10.2

paragliding at Mount Olympus, the high plateau of Kalipefki – John Ellison visited Olympic Wings just after the paragliding world cup in Drama in June 2010

+++shot on 27th June 2010+++


Impressions – Paragliding at the high plateau of Kalipefki

preparing the paraglider for a flight on top of the impressive high plateau of Kalipefki at Mount Olympus


Impressions – Paragliding in Kalipefki – Olympus

two paraglider pilots enjoying the great soaring conditions at the high plateau of Kalipefki, a small village located in Kato Olympus

+++shot on 28th August 2010+++


Impressions – Chapel near Kalipefki – Olympus

mountain chapel at the southern edge of the high plateau of Kalipefki, a village located at the hight of 1.050 m in the lower area of Mount Olympus – Kato Olympus
+++shot on 12th December 2009+++


Impressions – Mount Olympus

the main mountain of Olympus with its highest southern peaks in the snow – view from Kalipefki

+++shot on 18th January 2009+++