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Impressions – Meteora Monsteries

Impressions – Waterfall in Enipeas Gorge – Mount Olympus

Impressions – Voidomatis River – Zagoria Pindos Mountain

Impressions – Peaks of Pindos Mountain

view from Mikro Papingo towards the highest peaks of Pindos Mountain


Livithra – the ancient city of Orpheus

The excavations of Livithra are located at the foot of Mount Olympus round about 7 km away from the village Leptokaria at the Olympic Riviera.
Following the road from Leptokaria towards Karia you will find the small control point of the Olympus National Park, here you turn left following the signs to Ancient Livithra, to the right the road will take you to Palaio (Old) Leptokaria. The signs lead you to the entrance of the excavation area. There are steps down to the bottom of the gorge, the huge plane trees and a rest area invite you to relax here. The excavation area is situated opposite on a little height, where you come through the small gorge.
This very old town was build during the 10th centrury B.C. and it is bound with the myths about Orpheus.There are parts of a very old cemetery not far from the excavations.


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Impressions – Drakolimni – Pindos Mountain

The alpine lake of Tympfi mountain in the region of Epirus at a hight of 2.050 m with the peaks Ploskos and Astraka nearby. This interesting trekking destination with its inhabitants, the dragakia, can be reached by a 5 h walk starting at Mikro Papingo – Zagoria.


Impressions – Xerolaki and the highest peaks of Mount Olympus

view from the gorge of Xerolaki, which leads to the steep rock face of Kazania- just below the highest peaks of Mount Olympus: Stefani, Mytikas and Skolio