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Impressions – Mount Olympus landscape

Impressions – stone formation on the beach 2

at the sandy beach of Neos Panteleimonas – Mount Olympus, Northern Greece


Impressions – Paragliding in Kalipefki – Olympus

two paraglider pilots enjoying the great soaring conditions at the high plateau of Kalipefki, a small village located in Kato Olympus

+++shot on 28th August 2010+++


Impressions – horse power

Impressions – Stork at low level flight

an impressive take-off – natural elegance


Impressions – Drakolimni – Pindos Mountain

The alpine lake of Tympfi mountain in the region of Epirus at a hight of 2.050 m with the peaks Ploskos and Astraka nearby. This interesting trekking destination with its inhabitants, the dragakia, can be reached by a 5 h walk starting at Mikro Papingo – Zagoria.


Impressions – Paragliding with Olympic Wings

groundhandling a paraglider at take-off Little Church – Paleos Panteleimonas, Mount Olympus

+++shot by Lionel Marie+++