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Impressions – Castle of Platamonas – Mount Olympus

Impressions – On the Top of Mount Olympus 1

Impressions – Voidomatis River – Zagoria Pindos Mountain

Impressions – Peaks of Pindos Mountain

view from Mikro Papingo towards the highest peaks of Pindos Mountain


Impressions – Mountainbiking at Mount Olympus 2

an exciting mountain bike ride above the clouds at Mount Olympus

biker: Peter Brodschelm – MTB-Fahrtwind
+++shot in November 2004 by Franz Faltermeier+++


Impressions – Paragliding at the high plateau of Kalipefki

preparing the paraglider for a flight on top of the impressive high plateau of Kalipefki at Mount Olympus


Impressions – Mount Olympus landscape